The Art of Endurance

        In athletics, there are events that measure success by the speed, strength, and ability. However, there are events, which are a matter of endurance, rather than pure skill or ability. In many of the strongman competitions, certain events not only require skill, but endurance. Not only must the competitor be able to lift or carry the weight, but also they have to do it for a sustained amount of time. Thus, their ability to lift or carry becomes secondary to being able to endure the weight. The same applies to the Christian today.

        We learn the scriptures and spiritual truth, but many do not know how to endure hardships and challenges. We gain skill, knowledge, and understanding, but in the time of testing do not last. Every Christian has to learn The Art of Endurance as they grow in God’s grace and knowledge. Without endurance, the Christian can possess spiritual insight and knowledge, but cannot last long enough to see the fruits of it flourish in life. There are six aspects to the Art of Endurance. The Christian, who understands these, will be successful in their walk with Christ.

1) Endurance is a prerequisite to eternal salvation. Jesus stated that the one, who endures to the end, shall be saved. He did not say the one who did more or knew more. Thus, one major aspect of endurance is that it guarantees entrance into eternal life.

2) Endurance brings stability during uncertain times. Endurance helps one to maintain their pursuits in this life in the midst of adversities. Endurance helps one to see beyond the pain and see the promises of Christ and the hopes and dreams of tomorrow.

3) Endurance guards against the desire to quit. Endurance has the motto that “Quitting is not an Option,” which stifles the desire to give up and quit.

4) Endurance helps to revive faith. Endurance gives the user a since of faith. Endurance causes an individual to remember the Word of God and His personal promises.

5) Endurance brings the believer closer to perfection in Christ. Endurance causes an individual to look past hurts, disappointments, and ungodly desires. Thus, bring a greater level of purity, morality, and holiness in Christian living.

6) Endurance is a guarantee of success in spiritual warfare. Endurance causes believers to outlast every attack of the enemy. One of his tactics is to cause believers to let down their guards and allow him to dominate their lives. But, if the Christian endures, the warfare of the enemy will not accomplish what it is sent to do.

        Yes. Life does bring problems, both great and small. Sometimes, hardships and trials can last for years and it seems as if there will be no end. However, remember the Art of Endurance. It will be worth it in the end. Remember, our walk with Christ has promise in this life and in the life that is to come.



    The foundation of any established organization is good bookkeeping. And, a sign of good bookkeeping is confidentiality. In the government, when certain events took place, though they maintain internal records, they sealed them from view in external records. These files are not open to the general public or general inspection. In essence, what they are saying is that the events that took place are between them and the involved party. The question maybe asked, “What does this have to do with our overcoming fears?” 

         And he closed the book, and he gave it again to the minister, and sat down. And the eyes of
         all them that were in the synagogue were fastened on him. Luke 4:20 (KJV) 

        The answer is simple: There are many people in the Body of Christ who need to seal the book on past sins and failures; and in some cases, on present struggles and weaknesses. Some people are fearful of repercussions of their pasts and keep reliving it over and over again. It comes up in the form of “would have, could have, and should have.” Yet, there is another group who feel that in order to be “REAL” they need to expose past indiscretions and present struggles. However, wisdom is needed in this regard because two negative outcomes may manifest: Exposing present weaknesses invites unnecessary temptations and trials. Some people have opened up to individuals for help and were taken advantage of, or they were ridiculed and belittled. 

        Some people use exposing present weaknesses as an invitation to sin. Be careful of people who tell you they can trust you with their innermost details. Sometimes they are sharing with you to give you a personal invitation into ungodliness. You need to tell them to “Seal the Record.” The reason we can seal the record is because of what Jesus did when He entered the synagogue and read from Isaiah. He opens the book and reads a five-fold description of the deliverance He offers. 

1) Preach to the Poor – Those who feel the least in this world can be made rich through the knowledge of Him. 

2) Heal the Brokenhearted – Those who have been emotionally scarred, bruised, and hurt can be liberated.

3) Preach deliverance to the Captives – Those who are captive to lifestyles, mind-sets, and even people can be freed through Him. 

4) Recovery of sight – Those who have been blinded by sin and the devil can gain spiritual sight and insight so that they can understand who they are in Him. 

5) Set at liberty the bruised – Those who are trodden down and wearied by life and suffering from all matter of afflictions can be set free through Him. After Jesus’ reading, the text tells us that He closed the book. By interpretation, it reveals that His work of total deliverance is complete if we receive it. 

    Jesus already closed the book. Do not stay in jail when the door has been opened. Again, Seal the Record on things of the past, present struggles, and future worries because faithful is He that is called you and He will also do it.

The Art of Endurance

          In athletics, there are events that measure success by the speed, strength, and ability. However, there are events, which are a ma...

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