Time for Self-Check: Reflecting on Your Walk with Christ

Life brings controversy; that is, opposition, resistance and perplexing situations. However, the Christian must master the inevitable trials, tests, and frustrations and remain dedicated to Christian living and service. In order to remain dedicated, continual self-examination is needed.

Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. 2 Cor 13:5 (KJV)

Self-examination always leads to questions. These questions should challenge you to look at yourself in a candid fashion. Responding truthfully will keep you focused despite the inevitabilities of life. One important question that should arise through self-evaluation is “What is my dedication level?”

Dedication strengthens your resolve to stand during tough times. Christians have to appreciate the Value of Dedication. It helps stabilize your life when things around you are out of control. So, that even as a Christian, you can continue to grow in faith and knowledge when the world around you seems to be in chaos.

In order to answer the question “What is my dedication level?” - You have to know specifically what should you be dedicated to. In the Christian walk, our dedication can be measured by three areas of interest. If you consider these areas, then you will be able to say unashamedly that you are a dedicated follower of Christ even when life is unfavorable. We will examine each briefly.

Dedicated to Christ. Dedication begins with an unwavering devotion to Christ. You have to be dedicated to His commands and commission. The goal of your existence has to be to please Him. Why? There is an eternal reward. If your daily existence is not characterized by this mindset, then you are not dedicated totally. You will crumble when the inevitable tough times arise.

Dedicated to Development. When you give your life to Christ, a dedication to spiritual growth and development in the faith is vital. The only way one can grow is through the study of the Word and through prayer. So, you have to evaluate your prayer life. Is it healthy and vibrant? You have to examine your time in reading the scriptures. Do you make excuses for not reading? Your dedication level is small if you are not willing to challenge yourself to grow personally in the Christian faith. Consequently, you will bow to difficulties.

Dedicated to Christian Service. Christian service cannot be separated from the Christian faith. Regardless of your activities in the church, from preaching to feeding the hungry, you have to be dedicated. It is not always easy because you may have to serve in light of the negative responses of people and unfavorable conditions. This is where dedication becomes crucial.

Dedication does require personal sacrifice and commitment. However, in light of all that God did for us in Christ, it is worth the effort. Challenge yourself on this day that your level of dedication in the faith will increase despite the challenges of life and ministry.

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