Which Road are You On?

Everyone is on a road to an eternal destination. In life, different roads can be taken on a journey to reach a particular destination. Though we can compare our walk with Christ as a journey, there is only one way to reach our destination of heaven. You cannot enter into the kingdom of God any which way you choose.

Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat. Matt 7:13 (KJV)

Some promote the ideology that you do not need to go to church; that is, fellowship with other Christians or even receive Christ to enter into heaven. But, as Christians, we must stand on the truth that reception of Christ, fellowship with other Christians, and striving to live a life pleasing to Him is a perquisite for entrance into heaven.

With the advent of personal GPS devices, people no longer have to depend on standard maps to reach their destinations. Now, they can pick and choose the route that they would like to take, rather than standard routes. This is fine for personal travel. However, this phenomenon has taken on spiritual implications.

In the Church, individuals are now using “spiritual” GPS systems to determine how they will live for Christ and enter into heaven. They forsake the road map of Christ and those things that are written. Many times, the “GPS” used is based upon feelings and intellectual reasoning which is causing many  to  deviate from the  path set before men by Christ’s example and exhortations of scripture.

The scriptures verify that life is a journey. Here are 4 signs (among many) that we must pay attention to as we are on the Christian journey.

Stop – Certain activities are inconsistent with the Christian life. To live in sin is not an option. We can stop (overcome) sin while we live in this life.

Detour – Sometimes, we must learn to do things differently. Detours come up to show us that a path that was once acceptable is no longer accessible.

Yield – This sign prepares you to slow down. As Christians, we have to slow down and yield to direction and inspiration of the Spirit.

Road Work Up Ahead – We have to be prepared for God’s pruning and maturing process in our lives. As Christian, we must know that spiritual road work is up ahead as we live for Him.

We must be committed to a successful journey. Remember to pay attention to the spiritual road signs. In doing so, you will have success as a Christian in this life and with joy, you will enter into the life that is to come.

L.O.G.O.S. Apologetics