The precepts in this post are designed to redirect the Christian’s focus. It is easy to become distracted in our Christian journey. We have to live with ourselves and others; each of which can cause the believer’s focus to be shifted. Learn to redirect your focus on what is important.

No More Excuses

        Excuses! Excuses! Excuses! Have you ever met someone who had nothing but excuses? After a while, it becomes evident that excuses become covers for some internal weakness or hindrance. Many are afraid to try and then fail. Is that you? Others are afraid of responsibility and accountability that comes from promotion and success? Is that you? Others are just plain lazy. They love personal comfort. They want maximum results with little effort. Is that you? It is time for no more excuses. It is time to redirect your focus.

        Excuses, however, is the shield that many Christians use to justify their lack of growth and maturity in the walk with Christ. Many say that the Church is not right. This is an excuse for non-attendance. Others say that they were hurt or disappointed by those in the Church. This becomes an excuse not to fellowship. Then, there are those who say the Bible is hard to understand and their prayer time does not seem spiritual. This serves as an excuse not develop a relationship through the study of the scriptures and personal prayer and devotion. In this lesson, we want to deal with a chief excuse among Christians as to the lack of service, devotion, and development of their relationship with God. It is four powerful letters – L-I-F-E.

        There are numerous things in life that cannot and will not change. For reasons unknown, God does allow Christians to experience many hard and challenging situations. Because of the intensity, stress, and difficulty that life brings, many are in a holding pattern in the walk with God. They are waiting for life to slow down; that is, become easier. When this happens, then they will develop their relationship with Christ. This is not a good posture to take with one’s personal salvation and spiritual growth.

        The Bible tells us that Christians will suffer and David’s words are true where he states that many are the affliction of the righteous. However, the trials, tests, and tribulations that come are no excuse to stop pursuing Him and developing our relationship with Him. If you never get the job you want, pursue Him. If you never get married, pursue Him. If members of your family do not receive Him, pursue Him. Do not allow things that you cannot change to become excuses for your lack of personal growth and maturity.

        Does this mean that I should not pray and stand in expectation? NO! However, it does mean that if God sees fit to allow the situation to continue, do not lose your faith in Him. He knows all things. The Bible is full of stories of people who served God, but had to experience very, very, hard times. Just know this that if we suffer with Him, we will reign in the life that is to come. Some feel that because their lives are not going how they would like, there is no real reason to continue to serve Him. Do not allow this mindset to grip you. Remember, our salvation not only has promise in this life, but the one that is to come. In that Day, you will not remember and the difficulties of this life will not come into mind. There will be rejoicing and reward.

        Lose the excuses. Allow God to continue to develop you. Allow His light to shine even in hard situations. If you have lasted this long, it is only because He has been with you. Go on to maturity in Him that in the middle of your worst situations, you can maintain joy, peace, strength, and an ever increasing faith in Him. It is only in losing personal excuses that the Christian is able to focus on Christ and His plan and purpose for his/her life.

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